Puglia Trophy

Puglia Trophy #1


Schedule: 10 – 30 June 2024 – start at 00:00 utc, end at 24:00 utc.

The Puglia Trophy 2024 proposes contacting the largest number of references and units in Puglia region.

Contacts with the following references or special callsign will be valid:

– AT units of Puglia (with forward slash callsign P, U, G, L, I, A);

– ISLANDS (all those with prefixes P, J and Q)

– LOTA (lighthouses)

– SOTA (mountains)

– IMA (municipalities)

– IWI (internal water islands)

– PCT (coastal towers of Puglia). New permanent award. Info on www.alfatangopuglia.it/pcta


Participating Hunters: Individual operators of any DX group or independent.


2 points for each Puglia AT unit (ex: 1AT23/P; 1AT23/U; 1AT23/G; 1AT23/L; 1AT23/I; 1AT23/A).

Please note: each apulian operator will transmit using his callsign slashed with one of the letters of the word PUGLIA.

20 points for each ref. I.M.A., S.O.T.A, L.O.T.A., P.C.T., I.I.A., I.W.I.;

20 points for each daily contact with the Special Station 1AT-PUG.

x10 Multipliers

1) Completion of the word PUGLIA of each individual operator;

2) Contact with the JOLLY station: 1ATPT/J – Warning: sporadic activity!! Only 1 time in the LOG!

Logs: hunters do NOT have to send their logs, scores will be calculated based on the activators’ logs.


Activator awards:

Wall plaque for the first activator from Puglia. Diploma for 2nd and 3rd place.

Hunter rewards

1st  Pro-Skipper 3 element antenna (by 1AT090 Ivan) + Wall plaque

2nd  Bamby Antenna (by 1AT48 Max) + Wall plaque

3rd  personalized Wall plaque

– Free participation certificate (free download) for everyone

Golden award downloadable in PDF with special mention on the website to:

1st station in America

1st station in Asia and Pacific

1st station in Italia

By 19at119