“We are not strangers, just friends who have never met!”

Thats their slogun! The Alfa Tango group I wanted to be with, join them! That was my goal! 

My name is René and I experienced DX connections of the 11 meters in the 80’s. I was working a Skyline 2010 base station 0,5 watts. That was more than enough back in the days to work the hole villange where I live in – Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Than I moved over to a President Jackson, because I had only FM and wanted to know what those “noises” where?! WAUW, & I had just an 1/4 wave small antenna on the roof because my father(RIP) didn’t want a big ASS antenna. 

Well when my parents where on vacation, I took “my shot” I clibbed up the roof and I installed an Antron 99!. Thank god my father could laugh al little by my action. (I’m a kid of him sooooo ;-)) My DX world opened! With my President Jackson I worked “the world!”(Oke a with little AMP by Zetagi -100 watts)

Few years later. SILENCE in the hobby. 

I moved to The East block, Florida, Panama, Bahama’s, Curacao & more for work. I was an Internet Marketeer. Now since 2021 Im back in The Netherlands and picked up my old hobby again. 11m DX! I started with a President Lincolon 2 & Inverted V dipoles( 1 in the attick & one in the garden). )BUT I fast went to the Icom 7300 with an Sirio 2016 groundplane antenna. Thats where I am right now. I have an 3 element beam ready to go but I need some help with that.

Lots to improve but with 68 DXCC’s in the pocket I have that challance I need with the ALFA TANGO group!

CHEERS, 73, 51

By 19at119