Inverted V

I build some years ago an Inverted V dipole on the attick of my house for 11 meters. Had some GREAT results with it, from Lapland to Brazil. It is UP in my attic.


Somebody interested how I build it?

Home brew build:
1x | 1:1 Balun by Diamond (BU-50A max power 1KW)
1x | 6m Antennelitze(wire) 7x7x0,25 mm coated
2x | Isolator egg black
2x | Duplex cable clamp 4mm

Cost around 40,- euro @

Pretty simple to build: Cut 2 times 2.73m of wire, connect those to the Balun. Connect the Isolator eggs at the end of the wires with a tie warp so you can adjust the wires to the exact frequency you want in 1.1:1. Can/wil be less than 2.50m, I have them at 2.46m comfortabel for 27.555. DONE!

note: Check this site out for more calculations etc.

Good luck if gonna build one, its cheap with great results on DX!

More info overhere on 19AT119 facebookpage:

By 19at119